• Online Sessions

    We can work together wherever it is you call home. Our online connection offers a dedicated 90 minute session to explore the underlying influences you may not have considered that contribute to your current challenges.

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  • Workshops

    These workshops create deep shifts and life changing results. It is well known that we inherit physical traits from our parents. What is less known is that we also inherit our family's emotional patterns.

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  • Learning Circle

    For those who want to deepen their understanding, heighten body awareness and create transformation in their own world and the world of others. Explore the principles, insights and knowledge within the Family Constellations approach.

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  • What I did with Johanna within a workshop and 1 private session is beyond what I was able to achieve in the past 3 years of work with my traditional therapist. I’ve explored a lot of different approaches and am happy to have finally found Johanna. Thank You.


  • “The optimization of human potential is served by family constellation work, particularly when the work is masterfully facilitated by Johanna Lynn. She stays focussed on the energy in the room until its most relevant truths are revealed. The results are transformative.”


  • “Johanna is a kind, warm, knowledgeable woman full of wisdom, and working with her has helped me on so many levels! I went to see her regarding sleep issues, but she fixed a lot more! She transformed me into a new person, more accepting, calm and peaceful. Her sleep audio is simply amazing! I love listening to it, as it helps me achieving a deep restorative sleep, leaving me energized and happy. Every session with Johanna is a blessing. I am a firm believer in the power of the mind now, thanks to her”

    Amelie Vega

  • “My osteopath recommended me to Johanna because I was considering quitting smoking. I went to see her thinking that I would need several sessions to quit smoking given the fact that I had smoked for almost 14 years, that I loved it and that I did not feel ready to let go of that habit. However, after only one session, I felt confident enough, ready and convinced that I was able to do it. Johanna is not only an extremely competent therapist but she is also a generous and amazing person. She helped me make a huge difference in my life and I feel grateful for that. Thanks a lot Johanna!!!”


  • “For years I have struggled with my weight and my overall self esteem. After completing the Love Your Body Program, my entire attitude changed. I now see myself in a completely different way and it is due to the session that I had with Johanna – I have lost 20 pounds, started working out again and my relationship with food has changed. I truly believe that I went through a life changing experience with Johanna and will continue to see her to deal with regular everyday stress or “tune ups” as life goes on. Johanna’s attitude, positivity, and overall aura is felt as soon as you meet her. She truly cares for her patients and I recommend her services to anyone who wants to deal with situations that they want to overcome. I am glad that I made the step to see her and will continue to see her for years to come.”

    Genevieve Richer

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